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Forty-six days. That is the length of time the blog has been on hiatus mode. Although the reason for it is not entirely valid, it is somehow indirectly related to living a healthy lifestyle. It is not about the latest exercise craze or a healthy cooking crash course. Instead, the past month and a half has been dedicated to INDEPENDENCE.

Not what you expected, right? But when you think about it, being independent is a crucial step to creating a more complete and accomplished YOU; which in turn can result to a healthier (psycho-emotionally) you.

People who are already considered independent, can attest that it is hard at first (most things are) but then when you allow yourself to gain independence, the experience gives you a certain confidence that if hell breaks loose one day, you can rely on yourself. Jane Fonda could not have said it better:

Jane Fonda

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Although there is truth in the saying that “no man is an island”, being independent does not mean you have to do everything yourself. It simply means before you do ask for help, you have at least tried to do the task on your own. You get to push yourself to the fullness of your ability.

In Western cultures, independence is highly encouraged. This can easily be observed in American teens, for example. By the age of 18, most of them are already expected to move out of their parents’ homes, pay for their own college tuition fees, have a job (part-time perhaps), etc.

Those from more tightly knit cultures may find this a bit odd though. Who would want to get out of the comfort a family or a close community brings? But being complacent with the perks dependence brings can hinder your chance to grow and to know yourself better.

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As you may have guessed, I have embarked on the “BE INDEPENDENT” challenge. My version of this challenge will run for 24 months. To mark the second monthsary of the “BE INDEPENDENT” challenge (and getting over the initial adjustment phase of the said challenge), I have decided to share my experiences and realizations on this road to self-reliance: From apartment hunting, job hunting to budgeting.

May this project be useful to all you wanna-be independent women!

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♕