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2014 is officially here! Each country in the planet has entered another year.

Before we write down an overwhelming list of resolutions, take a step back for a moment and reflect on the year that was. Ask yourself, “What did I achieve last year?” and “What are the goals I will continue to reach for this new year?”

Sure, there may have been some sad moments last 2013 but go beyond them and realize that they were nestled in between happy times. Sometimes the focus is more on the negative or painful experiences that the joyous events, even the little ones, have been overlooked. Look back and cherish the happy. These give life meaning.

So make sure that in the upcoming 364 days, each day will be lived to the fullest. Do something that you truly love so that when December 31, 2014 comes, you will be stunned at how magnificent 2014 was. It all begins now. Decide to love each day and make it count. Let this be the basis for the goals you will be jotting down on your resolutions list.

A positive outlook and serene mindset are needed to truly have a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s go 2014! Healthy is in!

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♛