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It’s such a wonderful feeling to start your day productively especially if it involves a discovery.

Sometimes all it takes is a walk, or in my case, a run, around your neighborhood and before you know it, the surroundings which you have taken no interest in in the past turns out to be of great importance.

This is what happened when I noticed a building beside the line of restaurants on the west side of Ayala Triangle Garden in Makati City, Philippines.



Lo and behold, it used to be an airport tower- the Nielson Tower to be exact.


It was built in 1937 on the land owned by the Ayala family and the CIA. It was the Philippines' first modern and commercial international airport. Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue used to be the runways of this airport. During the second World War, it became the headquarters of the American and Japanese army. It ceased to operate in 1947.

But the Ayalas wanted to preserve the building's pre-war architecture and so, after renovation, here it is- serving as a reminder of its pioneering role in the transportation and communication sector.


The entrance is located along Makati Venue, fronting ThePeninsula Hotel. 20150425-000459.jpg




Nowadays, Nielson Tower houses the Filipinas Heritage Library and humbly contributes to the scenery of the business district.

La vie est trés belle!