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Where to start…

That is the usual question asked when trying to recall all the blessings that the generous universe has creatively conspired to shower you with. When you finally get the chance to sit back and fully express your gratitude, you realize that the list of blessings is long and it overwhelms you even more.

The natural thing to do is to start with the first thing that pops into your head. In my case, it is the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Concert which was held last March 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Getting to watch the 2014 Grammy Awards’ Best New Artist rap duo in the flesh was an unexpected opportunity. Because of ETC channel and Solar Media Corporation, I was able to cross out another item in my bucket list.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis from macklemore.com

The concert was supposed to start at 8 in the evening but do they really? At around a few minutes past 8, the venue still half-filled, two local music acts, Those Damn Nerds and DJ Miranda, entertained the crowd with their own taste of songs. Right after DJ Miranda finished his piece, there were already sightings of Macklemore in the backstage as the concertgoers in the front row started to scream his name. Despite their obvious excitement, they had to wait a little longer as two Fil-Am rappers started to get the crowd ready. The number of people present doubled and the singing got louder.

At around 10 in the evening, after deeming that the crowd had been pumped well enough, the concert really began with Macklemore rushing to the stage and doing his signature rap.

Well-known songs such as Thrift Shop,White Walls and Can’t Hold Us were performed.

You could really feel the adoration for Macklemore and his songs. People sang (or in his case, rapped) along with him and every time a new song was about to be sang, screams dominated. But it was not all fireworks and confetti. Macklemore poured out his experiences to the crowd at some time. He relayed his journey from becoming a flat broke, recovering addict who was living with his parents, to the time when the universe gave him a second chance via his musical talents.

After more than an hour, it was time to say good night. But before Adieu was bid, Macklemore once more electrified the crowd by singing the song Can’t Hold Us again; this time with much more energy and the waving of the Philippine flag. Just imagine how crazy the music lovers became. Not to mention the two times that Macklemore threw himself to the crowd. I pity the bouncers who had to rip him from the grasp of the enthusiastic fans.

When the time came that the concert had to end, Macklemore threw his shirt to the crowd as he followed his mates to the backstage. As the lights on the stage dimmed, the battle for the ownership of his shirt was still ongoing. It was as if they had found gold.

All in all, it was truly a night to remember. It was another unforgettable adventure in my book called life.

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♛