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For thRoyal Painsose who have not heard of Royal Pains, think not that it is about royalty (there is a pinch of that though) or, well, pain. But I must warn you that it is painfully hilarious and entertaining.

I have to thank a good friend of mine, R.M., for introducing this TV series to me. It is a show based on the adventures of the HankMed  team- Dr. Henry “Hank” Lawson, Evan R. Lawson, CPA, CFO and Physician Assistant Divya Katdare in the Hamptons. They run a concierge doctor business wherein they treat patients with the strictest confidentiality. It is basically having a private physician 24/7 for a right price of course.

What is most entertaining about this series is not because it is another medical show but more than that, it showcases the resourcefulness of Dr. Hank and Divya Katdare. To prevent myself from giving out spoilers, just imagine yourself lacking the appropriate medical tools or technology while attending a patient who is in dire need of first aid. If you would want to know how this was dealt with, then this show is a must-see.

Even if you are not interested in medicine and the “say what?”- terms, the storyline is in itself catchy. Plus, the humorous bickering and conversations between the goal-oriented British-Indian Divya and the business minded American Evan are sure to put a huge grin on your faces. Let me not miss out the breathtaking and jaw-dropping scenery the Hamptons offers. This does not include the luxury cars, restaurants, mansions, etc.

The Hamptons

Romance exists in the series, do not fret. But it is best that you just watch it. It would not hurt. You may just get instantly hooked by the first episode alone. There are 4 seasons in the bag plus TWO, yes, TWO more seasons on the go. Happy watching!

Royal Pains Cast

La vie est belle,

Freine ♛

P.S. Pictures are from pinterest.com/royalpainsusa except the first photo