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My desire to visit Copenhagen has intensified after watching Richard Quest’s Future Cities show. It was sheer delight to learn how the Danes are thinking well into a sustainable future. As what was said in the show, the city is far advance than other cities.

Watching the people actively preferring bikes over cars to reduce their carbon footprints was amazing. I wonder when the rest of the world will catch up. It is not impossible. I guess it really depends on the peoples’ will to understand and embrace the concept depicted in Copenhagenization.


Frederik André Henrik Christian, Prince of Denmark, Crown Prince, Count of Monpezat

So, while the rest of the world are still captured by dynamic duo, Prince William and Princess Catherine, I am beginning to appreciate the efforts and visions of the Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik and of course the Danish people as well.


Even Oprah gave me another reason (through her TV show, not personal) to consider Copenhagen as one of the places that I need to visit. It is considered as the place where the happiest people on earth live! Not only that, the government really takes care of you and provides women (especially mothers) added benefits such as six to twelve months of paid maternity leave. The Danes are also paid to attend university. Healthcare? It is free!

But of course, the tax may be so high. Where else can the government generate the funds to support their innovative strategies? Still, it would not hurt to experience life in Copenhagen.

La vie est belle,

Freine ♛