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It is quite overwhelming, and humbling, when you experience certain unexplainable acts of kindness which happen by surprise. The mere fact that you didn’t expect them boggles the mind.

Yesterday, several people showed that we are capable of spreading good cheer to our fellow earth dwellers.

KIND PERSON #1 (Un): The jeepney driver, who was about to call it a day, still allowed me to ride the vehicle (since he’ll still be passing the landmark where I intend to alight). But it gets better! He told me not to pay any longer. In a world where money is of great importance, here comes an individual who doesn’t prioritize it 24/7.

KIND PERSON #2 (Deux): While eating lunch in a semi-busy food court, the middle-aged man who inquired if he could share the adjoining empty table, noticed that my handbag was left open by my side. He quickly called my attention and advised me to zip it stating that his wife experienced the same thing but unfortunately found out too late that her two mobile phones and wallet were already stolen.

KIND PERSON #3 (Trois): Another jeepney driver makes the list. Since he didn’t have change for the fare I handed to him, he let me keep half of it. 50% discount! Not bad ha?!

KIND PERSON #4 (Quatre): My colleague, who noticed that I was into teas, gave me three individually wrapped tea bags from TWG Tea—> incidentally, it has been one of the tea brands that is on my bucket list. What luck!

And most importantly, March 7 was filled with a lot of people who SMILED and were easy to communicate with. So, they can be categorized under KIND PERSON(s) #5 (Cinq).

I was awestruck on the possibility that everyone can exude kindness and a tranquil disposition. Life would definitely be better if we choose to be kind. In the end, all you could really do is to sincerely say “Thank You” and pay it forward.

La vie est trés, trés belle!

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