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It is definitely a new year. Hola, 2015!

This means that another set of 365 days of opportunities has been given to us. That sounds so exciting!

When the dawn of 2015 arrived last Thursday, I was reminded that the new year should be treated like a new book, which has 365 pages and divided into 12 chapters. When you think about it, our lives are books in themselves. We are, most of the time, responsible for how the story goes. Will we fill it with lots and lots of memorable anecdotes or let the hours slip away in monotony? I would rather choose the former.

And that is true for this blog as well. This year Freine Writes will be a better blog, filled with more discoveries, pictures and stories.

So, where to begin? Well, at the very beginning.

A couple of days ago, a priest posted these three questions which is quite timely to the discovery which I will share with you in a bit…

1. Who am I?

2. Who am I not?

3. What shall I do?

To answer these without sounding too philosophical, I went on an adventure to the Ayala Museum in Makati City. What better way to know who you are than to retrace and relearn about your culture.

After its renovation, the museum was once again opened to the public last October 2004. It has 6 floors, the ground floor up to the 4th floor is where the several exhibits are found, such as The Diorama Experience (2nd floor) and the Ceramics Center (4th floor). The sixth houses the Filipinas Heritage Library.

ayalamuseum2015Visitors can only take pictures on the second level, which is where the 60 dioramas that “visually narrate Philippine history from ancient to contemporary times” are.

DiormaAbove is one of the dioramas which I fell in love with. It depicts the reception which the then new Governor General Carlos Maria de la Torre hosted in Malacanan Palace to celebrate the Spanish Revolution of 1868.

All of the dioramas are “the intricate handiwork of craftsmen from Paete, Laguna, a town known for its artisans and woodcraft.”

The predecessor of the Light Rail Transit

Since pictures can only be taken on this floor, sad to say most of my upcoming pictures for a more detailed museum experience will be that of The Diorama Experience.

Despite that, the entire tour opened my eyes and mind to the unique and rich culture of the Philippines. I was reminded that aside from the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese, the British also occupied the islands for a couple of years. Imagine if the British ruled for more than that, will we be drinking more tea and will Duchess Kate be visiting Manila? Ohhh… the possibilities…

The Red Coats are coming! British Occupation 1762-1764.

How about you? Have you visited or revisited the history of the country where you are in?

View from 2F

Capping off the Ayala Museum tour

La vida es muy hermosa,

Freine ♛