It is 70 days before 2014 bows out and le monde welcomes 2015. 70 days?? Yessiree!

To support the counting down of days until New Year’s Eve, what better way to do so than to blog about the adventures and discoveries I made during this year. And boy are there loads of them! It’s also a way to catch up on the numerous days I’ve been MIW (missing in writing). Desolee.

On a more spiritual note, reliving the experiences of the past year can be a tool to be more appreciative of life. Yes, there were good and bad days (who doesn’t?) but focus on the positives. Take note of your achievements, learnings and discoveries. You just might realize how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve gone.

Memory Lane 2014 here I come! Coming soon this December!!!.

Quote of the day: If it isn’t written, it didn’t happen.

La vie est trés belle,

PS Merci to Papemelroti for the image above.