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Is the future truly set? 

This is the question which succinctly summarizes the message of the latest X-Men installment: X-Men- Days of Future Past.  

Luckily, in Manila, the movie premiered two days earlier than the scheduled May 23rd release, which was announced in the X-Men official website. Once again, Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox did not fail to captivate the audience. Other than the cinematic effects, the brilliant acting skills of the A-list stars gave justice to the story: which include Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, to name a few– and I’m only beginning. Halle Berry and Anna Paquin are back as well but their camera time is limited.

In the movie, the past and future collide (thanks to Kitty’s mutant ability) in order to prevent the war between humans and mutants.

Past and Future Professor Charles Xavier

Past and Future Magneto

Mutants in the future are exterminated by the Sentinels, robot-like technologies that can trace mutants and withstand any of their powers. To prevent this, they send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to 1973 to change the events which led to the inevitable war.

Yes, you may have heard that the award-winning actor, Peter Dinklage , of Game of Thrones fame, plays a significant role in this movie as Bolivar Trask- the human who envisioned the Sentinels.


Expect a lot of action AND humor in the movie. It is quite entertaining and worth every cent that you paid for the ticket. It doesn’t hurt that the story is set in Paris, Moscow and China as well. A little traveling while time traveling, you might say.

To answer the question posted in the beginning of this blog post, it is believed that our future is the result of our countless decisions. The future is not truly set.



La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♛