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During a recent trip to Asia’s Latin city, aka Zamboanga City, I chanced upon some artsy fashion accessories at a local barter. The patterns used on the wallets and tote bags are eye-catching and definitely unique.

photo5photo6 photo7Some of the designs remind me of the ancient Aztec art as well.

Other than the wallets, I was also introduced to what they call “magic bags“. No, they aren’t literal “magic” bags. They can however be stored in a convenient way.

Let me explain…

From this:


It unzips into this:


A tote bag! You can easily bring it along with you and when you find yourself in an unplanned shopping spree, you’re good to go with this bag. The one above is a regular size but there is a larger one available.



Once again, take note of the patterns used. Simply unique and proudly Filipino.


La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♛