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Last Friday night (no, I’m not going to sing Katy Perry’s song and yes, I’m referring to October 18), I got to spend some high quality cardio time at Fitness Exhange.

Women’s Health Philippines Magazine was kick starting their Pop Up Studio event and Fitness Exchange (FTX) was their first leg.

The class that my fellow fitness enthusiasts and I got to experience was the one called Urban Rebound. It is likened to an aerobics class BUT more intense and made cooler by the Kangoo Jumps (KJ) rebound boots.

We were advised to be at FTX, which is located at Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street, Makati City, at 7 PM and to bring knee-high socks. Before the class started, we were given tote bags which contained our free singlet and PreGroe samples, and were welcomed by WH’s publisher Ms. Samantha Uy.

Yes, it took a few minutes to get used to walking with the KJ boots. The first question on our minds was “Are we going to fall?” But, thank God, none of us did. The KJ boots are exercise-friendly. According to FTX’s website,

Kangoo Shoes are safe, low impact rebound sports shoes, providing many health benefits, for everyone, any age. Being the worlds lowest impact shoes, Kangoo shoes reduce 60%-80% when compared to conventional training shoes. They provide the best protection for your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, spinal column and practically every joint in the lower extremities.

Ms. Lara Parpan, WH’s editor-in-chief, was even there to try the class for the first time. So, what exactly did we do for a little more than an hour? Well, there were lots of jumping and leg work with upbeat songs to motivate us. It was INTENSE but FUN!

The stamina and fitness level of the Urban Rebound class instructors were really admirable! They’ll let you think, “If they can do it, I can as well!” Kudos to all of them.

After cooling down (which is tres important for any exercise), we were told that we burned 1,000 calories! Beat that!

If you’re interested in joining the last two legs of the WH Pop Up Studio Party, check out their Facebook page. Did I mention, it’s for FREE? Now, that’s enough motivation for you to sign up.

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♕