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A week after The Mango Bride book signing, National Book Store continued to spoil book worms with another book signing event. This time, it was New York Times Bestselling YA (young adult) author Kiera Cass, She is well-known for The Selection trilogy.

The Selection

The event happened last August 3, 2013 (Saturday) at the National Book Store Glorietta branch, a few minutes past 4 PM. From the beginning, it was already a successful event. Fans of the author and books began lining up for registration as early as 10 in the morning. The total number of registrants was more than 600. Imagine multiplying that by 2- that would be the estimated number of books Ms. Cass enthusiastically signed.


When Ms. Cass arrived on stage, the screams of the excited fans were deafening. Ms. Cass had to calm them down. She was introduced by Ms. Xandra Ramos Padilla of NBS and had a quick chat.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the whole concept of The Selection, here’s a synopsis from Ms. Cass’ site:

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in the palace and compete for the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn’t want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she’s made for herself- and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.

Ms. Cass revealed that her inspiration for Prince Maxon and Aspen is her husband, Callaway Cass, who was also with her during the book tour. She went on to say that another inspiration for The Selection was the biblical figure Esther and the fairytale Cinderella. When asked how she got into the task of writing a book, she said that she did it at first to deal with the dark times in her life.

Writing a book is an accomplishment but getting it published is another. Ms. Cass shared that one has to have a thick skin in the publishing industry. There will be rejections and she had experienced some. It isn’t a walk in the park. But you just have to keep on trying. Eventually someone will believe in you and your work. A tip she gave out to aspiring writers was: Read books that you won’t normally read.

During the Q&A with the audience, a lot of fans were eager to know if there will be a series/ film adaptation of The Selection. Ms. Cass explained that there were previous plans with CW and they had purchased the rights to the books. They taped a pilot episode and did some revisions but in the end, they decided it had to be cancelled. So, Ms. Cass got the rights back but is still hopeful that another TV opportunity would come. Several fans even suggested that Zach Efron and One Direction’s Harry Styles be cast. Ms. Cass replied that maybe Harry would be a bit busy to accept a role.

Before the actual book signing took place, Ms. Cass announced that the third book of The Selection trilogy, The One, would be released next year on May 6th. More good news: another e-novella, The Guard, which looks at Aspen’s point of view, will be available at an earlier date next year (February 4).

While waiting for their turn to meet Ms. Cass and have their books signed, the avid teen readers patiently sat down on the floor and formed reading groups.

ImageIt took more than 4 hours to call out numbers 430-451. So, imagine what time those who had number 600 and above, had their books signed.


Mr. Callaway Cass looking at the huge crowd

ImageImageImageImageThe next day, Ms. Cass flew to Cebu City and was equally warmly welcomed by her Filipino fans.

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♕