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How often do you get a chance to see a couple, who are roughly in the age bracket of 60- 70, still hold hands while strolling in the mall? Where the man chivalrously carries their purchases?

It does not seem to be a usual occurrence but if you are given the opportunity to witness such sweet and loving gestures, it should be cherished. It is a very heartwarming experience.



The couple photographed above just happened to walk by an eatery and were looking at the menu. While deciding which of the food options they would order, they still kept on holding hands; even when the man was pointing at one particular dish, their hands were still intertwined. They consulted each other until they finally decided to approach the counter. There was something humble, sincere and genuine between the two of them.

They could have been any regular, young couple who are deeply in love but you would be reminded of the fact that they aren’t because they had white streaks in their hair, wrinkles in their faces and took slow, leisurely steps. Then again, age doesn’t matter with love.

The couple stands as a reminder that in order for love to survive through the years, those simple loving gestures, such as holding hands,  should never be taken for granted or forgotten.


La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♛