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“Let them eat cake.” This is one of the well-known quotes from Marie Antoinette of France. Whether or not she did in fact say this when told that the peasants no longer had bread to eat, one cannot deny that it was during her reign (alongside her husband King Louis XVI) that the French Revolution was born.

Ten days from now, on July 14, the French will be celebrating their independence from monarchical rule, called La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration) or more popularly known as Le quatorze juillet (the fourteenth of July). However to the rest of the world, this is known as Bastille Day. 

If you are one who isn’t fond of sticking to textbook facts about history and would rather prefer historical fiction, then grab a copy of Helen Rosburg’s By Honor Bound.

It is a historical romance novel that is set during the reign of Marie Antoinette. The protagonist is an orphan girl named Honneure who is whisked into the court of the French queen because of her special ability to train dogs. Her stay in the picturesque Versailles Palace is filled with lots of political intrigues and life-threatening situations but more importantly, she has to deal with her own feelings for her adoptive brother, Philippe and the wrath of Philippe’s lover, Olivia. Honneure’s high value for loyalty puts her into a dilemma between family and duty. Because of this, revelations of Honneure’s past are discovered that further put her life in danger.

Helen Rosburg definitely has a gift for writing historical page-turners. The twists in the plot make it hard for a reader to put the book down. Historical facts are cleverly intertwined in a way that they are not merely included for lecture’s sake but rather because they affect the course of Honneure’s life.

Celebrate Bastille Day with By Honor Bound.

La vie est tres belle,

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