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According to the World Health Organization, “cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide”. There is no single cure for cancer although patients may opt to treat it using these conventional therapies: chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery.

David Haas, the Director of Awareness Programs at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance (mesothelioma affects the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen), is aware of the unwanted side effects of cancer and its treatments. He is kind enough to share the following article in this blog:

Three Ways Of How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Cancer

Dealing with cancer can be depressing and take an extreme emotional toll on people. Cancer treatments come with both physical and emotional burdens. Often people undergoing cancer treatment experience side effects and are left helpless. Nonetheless, people do not need to be constantly overwhelmed with nausea, decreased mental acuity, or soreness. Here is a list of three ways cancer patients can use healthy home remedies to deal with side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Chemo Brain

One of the first symptoms associated with chemotherapy is a radical drop in mental sharpness, loss of memory and difficulty concentrating. This can be very debilitating and can often lead to mild depression. Cancer patients however can tackle this issue head on by supplying their bodies with proper nutrients and supplements to fuel brainpower. A diet filled with fruits and vegetables such as spinach, apples, and blackberries have shown to have an impact on brain health. A diet also rich in omega three fatty acids, which can easily be ingested through eating salmon, also has an impact on brainpower.

Mouth Soreness and Ulcers

Radiation therapy often causes individuals to develop mouth ulcers. This often leads to extreme soreness, which impacts one’s ability to eat food. Cancer patients are advised to stay away from spicy and heavily acidic foods. Also, patients should avoid sharp and crunchy foods that can make the situation even worse. Always use straws when drinking liquids and eat smaller portions of soft foods. Foods such as sherbet, Greek yogurt, and popsicles help soothe the mouth from these sours and are heavily encouraged to consume while undergoing treatment.


Another hallmark side effect of cancer treatment is the development of anorexia in cancer patients. Because cancer often causes great emotional and psychological grief, cancer patients often see a decrease in appetite. Patients should place themselves in a supportive and jovial environment that will minimize depression. Also, cancer patients should regularly eat protein enriched and caloric dense foods such as lean cuts of meat, nuts, cheese, peanut butter and avocado. Also, patients should seek counseling and mental support if anorexia is an issue.

In the end, dealing with cancer can be burdensome, but people do not have to be boggled down by the side effects of cancer treatment. There are so many ways cancer patients can use natural home remedies to deal and still have a healthy prognosis.


Joining the MCA in 2011, David Haas is the Director of Awareness Programs. In addition to researching much of the information available to our site’s visitors, David often blogs about programs available and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. David is a fitness enthusiast who frequently runs, climbs, and bikes for enjoyment. He is also very involved in outreach associated with awareness about the dangers of asbestos for many different organizations and groups of people. Read more: http://www.mesothelioma.com/blog/authors/david/bio.htm#ixzz2PVMlj2OR


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