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Who knows when love begins/ Who knows what makes it start/One day it’s simply there/ Alive inside your heart/ It slips into your thoughts/ It infiltrates your soul/ It takes you by surprise/ Then seizes full control/ Try to deny it/ And try to protest/ But love won’t let you go/ Once you’ve been possessed Love never dies/ Love never falters/ Once it has spoken/ Love is yours/ Love never fades/ Love never alters/ Hearts may get broken/ Love endures/ –ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER – LOVE NEVER DIES LYRICS

Love Never Dies. This is the continuation of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
(the musical genius/composer of unforgettable musicals such as Evita and Cats) much-loved The Phantom of the Opera.
It follows the lives of Christine, Raoul and “The Phantom” 10 years after they bid goodbye to the Paris opera house. This time around, they are in Coney Island and Christine is asked to choose between “The Phantom” and Raoul. Who does she really love? Or should the proper question be, “Who does she love more?”
The musical recently won the Reumert Award for Best Music Theatre of the Year 2013. But even if the latest shows were held in Copenhagen, you don’t need to fly to Denmark to experience the magic. Love Never Dies is now available in DVD and Blu-Ray. This could be the closest thing one could get in watching a musical production and by the great Andrew Lloyd Webber himself.
As always, words are not enough to applaud the cast and crew behind Love Never Dies. It was spectacular. Phenomenal. Anna O’Byrne (who played Christine) has a magnificent voice and Ben Lewis (“The Phantom”) captured the audience. It was what musical theater should be all about.
The art behind musical theaters continues to prove how much talent there is around the world. Some actors have said that it is much challenging to be on stage, in front of an audience, where you have no second takes. It takes a lot more to transport the audience to the world of the story. Add the fact that they have to sing and dance as well. Watching a play is a chance to see how actors transform into their characters.
If you have the chance, watch Love Never Dies. It is highly recommended.
La vie est belle,
Freine ♕
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video from: youtube.com/phantomloveneverdies