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Last week, the world celebrated Mothers’ Day. But everyday should be Mothers’ Day because each and every day our mothers give out their love to their families. A lot of times, they have both secretly and openly sacrificed many things- such as their time, strength and even dreams. So, once again, let us greet these heroes:


One instance where a mother’s love and devotion can be felt is when she has her child live another chapter of his/her life with the girl/boy of his/her dreams.

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Weddings always have a touch of bittersweet moments. Yes, it is a joyous occasion filled with fineries. But there is almost always a tear being shed. Usually they come from the mothers of the bride and groom. A wedding somehow signifies that their children are now grown up, leaving the nest, and are about to face the world with their own family. Yet, if they see their children happy and filled with indescribable bliss, the tears are replaced with smiles and hopes.

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Motherhood is filled with ups and downs and our mothers are not perfect. Be easy to forgive if our mothers somehow hurt us. Deep inside, they have nothing but love for us.

Give your moms well-deserved hugs and kisses every day.

La vie est tres belle,

Freine ♕