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Time and again, breakfast has been considered a very important meal. It provides you the energy needed to start the day’s activities. Other than that, eating breakfast also can aid in having a happy mood. Who would not be happy to eat after around 8 hours (if you do get the advised 8) of sleep. It’s like fuel for the body.

So, when McDonald’s spearheaded the first National Breakfast Day and in doing so, gave out 1000 FREE (yes, FREE) Sausage McMuffins today, a number of lucky customers got to jump start their day without shelling out some cash.


While waiting for their turn to take a bite of the free breakfast, the people in the line were so happy that all throughout the time they were smiling and their excitement could easily be noticed. What really touched me was the number of schoolchildren patiently waiting as well. This could be a real treat for some of them.

Photo0292 Photo0293 It’s a good thing McDonald’s thought of this initiative, especially here in the Philippines. There a lot of Filipinos who don’t get to eat three decent meals a day. Who knows what a great big help National Breakfast Day is to some.

Although it really isn’t healthy to eat fast food or processed foods everyday, McDonald’s National Breakfast Day is an important reminder that breakfast should be a part of our day.

La vie est belle,

Freine ♕