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Mention Japan and chances are, the word origami will be associated with it. The paper-folding art form (ori: folding; gami: paper) has been around since the 17th century (in Japan) and in the 1900s outside Japan.

photo from origamispirit.com

There are several varieties of origami.

1. Action origami- a popular model is the Japanese flapping bird.

2. Modular origami- identical origami pieces are put together to form a certain design/ pattern. The 3D origami or Chinese paper folding is included here. This is my version:

Photo0272 Hello Kitty 3D origami was my summer project to fight off the boredom a few years ago. You could create your own by looking up the pattern here.

3. Wet- folding

4. Pureland Origami

5. Origami tessellations

6. Kirigami- this involves paper-cutting

(*Information about the types of origami from Wikipedia).

One of my favorites and have a number of pieces at home is origami boxes.


Photo0277There are several box designs you could choose from and you could include a divider if you wish. I added one in mine to properly organize my bead collection. Yes, you could use Japanese origami paper (there are loads and loads of it in Japan) BUT if you could not find some, you could use old magazine pages. They are quite sturdy AND colorful as well. PLUS, you get to recycle and help Mother Earth.

Photo0279As summer vacay is fast approaching, you might want to get your hands on origami. Who knows, you might just love it.

Origami o o tameshi kudasai! ꊘ悊ē“™ć‚’ćŠč©¦ć—ćć ć•ć„! (Try origami!)

La vie est belle,

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