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Last night, I had the privilege of watching the 2010 David Pinillos film Bon Appétit. It revolves around the friendship of Daniel and Hanna (portrayed by Unax Ugalde and Nora Tschirner, respectively), who are co-workers at one prestigious Zurich restaurant owned by Thomas Wackerle (Herbert Knaup), a star chef.

Bon Appetit (wikipedia.com)

It all starts with the fantastic view of Zurich, Switzerland. Pretty much like this:

Zurich, Switzerland (photo from shutterstock.com)

Daniel, a Spanish chef, has just found a job in the said restaurant and this is where he meets Hanna, the German sommelier. They begin a friendship that is much like the one between Jesse and Céline in the movie Before Sunrise. This is after all one of the films in which Bon Appétit was based upon.

Even if there is affection between Daniel and Hanna, the both of them are involved with someone else. Daniel has a girlfriend in Spain (Eva) and Hanna has a married lover. But things eventually change especially after they come back from their Spanish getaway.

Hanna and Daniel

Hanna leaves the restaurant and so did their close friend Hugo, another chef. Daniel is left alone until Hugo convinces him to see Hanna in Munich, Germany.

I would not spoil the ending for you but let us just say, it was very much heartwarming. It made the movie the ideal film to watch at night while drinking a cup of tea- or wine, whichever you prefer and snuggling in your blanket.

The film premiered last April 2010 at the Malaga Film Festival wherein Unax Ugalde won Best Actor in a Leading Role. The director and screenplay writer Daniel Pinillos also won Best Director at the Goya Awards.


Here is a movie trailer for Bon Appétit:


But if you prefer a trailer in German, watch this instead:

Hope you enjoy it as well!

La vie est belle,

Freine ♕