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YouTube has recently been THE medium where talented individuals are given the chance to be on the limelight. Justin Bieber, Marié Digby, Lily Allen, Colbie Caillat and Sean Kingston were discovered through the website. But musicians are not the only ones who get a chance in becoming famous… Meet Make-Up Guru Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan

In an interview with The Insider last May 2012, the Vietnamese- American states that she did not imagine her videos would catapult her to fame and fortune (her net worth is said to be almost $1.2 Million). She is a self- taught make-up artist who simply wanted to empower women to be more confident.

I had a blog and I was blogging about different tutorials… and a lot of girls were asking for me to write one up [about makeup],” she explains. “So I posted it on my blog and then afterwards I thought, why not just film it?” (from The Insider).

According to her website, she started posting YouTube videos in 2007 and has now been the ‘#1 YouTube “Beauty Guru“‘. She has more than 2 million subscribers and 220 videos in her resume. Last 2010, she also became a Lancôme Paris ambassadress.

Michelle Phan for Lancome Paris

Her videos are quite adorable which are “known for Phan’s sanguine disposition and ethereal video style that incorporates both on-camera and voice over instruction with music and inspirational text subtitles. (from Michelle Phan website)”

She has graced countless magazine pages including the much coveted Vogue, Nylon and Seventeen to name a few.

Michelle Phan on Vogue

Michelle Phan on Seventeen

Her videos are must-sees and my most favorite is her latest make-up tutorial to date: How to Look Like MIRANDA KERR!!!

It is astonishing how Michelle Phan works magic with her make-up. Her step-by-step guide is easy to understand for amateurs. But the end result is so amazing that you would just want to go ahead and play with your make-up.

Thanks to the wonderful opportunities that came her way, she is now also a businesswoman, as a co-founder of Ipsy. It is a website where, for only $10 a month, “subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. (from Ipsy)”

Hope you have fun browsing through her tutorials.

La vie est belle,

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