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The first time I heard about Dianna Agron was on the hit TV series Glee. She played the “IT” girl of the high school campus- she was the head cheerleader, rich, blonde, smart and her boyfriend was no other than the football quarterback.

Dianna Agron

It turns out that in real life, Dianna is very much multi-talented. She is an actress (yes), singer, dancer, writer and director. Not only that she is also a blogger. She is the brains and artist behind the Tumblr account Fell Down The Rabbit Hole. Here she shares her latest favorite things (like books and music) and artworks (photographs).

According to her, the response from her fans and followers was really inspiring that she decided to create a space where everyone could get together and share everything about the arts that they love. Thus, You, Me and Charlie was born.

“All of you lovely, magick, wonders of this world, the ones that correspond with me in such unbelievable ways… this is for you…I want you to join me now. Let’s share this space as an art collective. There’s enough negativity in this world to smother all of us into a state of infinite sadness. Why not counter that? That’s what this site is for. I hope it just does that.”

You, Me and Charlie on Vanity Fair

Together with Dianna, are 13 other editors who regularly contribute to this artistic haven. They are: Ashley Arabian, Spencer Moya, Claire Oring, Lexy Hulme, Melody Darlene, Samantha McMillen, Ryan Lattanzio, Kelly Straw, Ashley Avignone, Luigi Picarazzi, Ninon, Jessica Eden and Torey Lenart.

You can learn about the latest playlists, artists on the rise (with interviews), photos to rave about and much more. You can definitely recommend your latest loves to them.

Here are some of their art-loves:

Lovin’ it? Check You, Me and Charlie out!

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