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While browsing through article printouts, I came across an essay entitled Confessions of a teenage rebel which is written by Bjorn Abraham Tabanera. I happened to have just printed the article with the intention of reading it afterwards.

Well, “everything happens for a reason”. The essay introduced me to the sensational Harris twin brothers, Alex and Brett. They started a simple blog with the title The Rebelution. It basically addresses the misconception of today’s youth: that things should be taken easily. It aims to spread “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.”

A lot of people in modern society have defied the value of hard work. It can easily be observed by the increase in number of people who crave for celebrity status instantly without hard work (such as acting classes, etc) or real talent. The demand for reality shows that depict gross materialism and vulgar words and hate mirrors the standards of the general public. This is a cause for great concern.

We all have amazing potentials but are unknown to us because they are untapped. There must be a constant reminder that we should continue to pursue excellence and as Mark Victor Hansen conveniently summarized, “Amaze yourself; manifest your full potential.”

The blog merely reminds us that a life fully lived requires hard work. Take it or leave it. Life is such a waste when we do not do hard things.

It is time for us to think deeper and work harder in order to put our God-given talents into good use. The blog definitely provides the much needed motivational push. Some of the articles that are worth investing some time to read are:

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The Rebelution- Do Hard Things

Life is beautiful!

Freine ♕